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Intact connect people who can feedback

Trusted by over 350 organizations across 3 countries.


Analytics for better improvement and business decisions

Intact analytics can dramatically improve the way people identify, attract, develop, and retain self-development. However, many peoples still make those decisions based on instinct and intuition. Intact helps peoples to unlock the power of data-driven enactment, reducing strain, and improving performance.


Get everyone's input, Turn good intentions into concrete action

Every person having his skillsets and experience. Intact feedback means that even people outside can offer their perspective, giving advice better insight into your skills and performance.


Everything your needs to understand insights and make the right changes. Instant, detailed PD reports, right at your fingertips.

Identify ways that accelerate performance

We dig deep to uncover the unique factors that influence people's performance. Individuals can apply insights to their talent-development strategies and professional attainment and to address individuals' performance gaps.

Streamline feedback and diversify learning

We use advanced analytics to identify characteristics associated with every feedback and apply rigorous processes to evaluate possible gapes for those characteristics. The result is a faster process and a more diverse set of information that increases the likelihood of personal improvement.

Get daily meaningful recommendations

We harness publicly available data to identify new forthcoming possible challenges. analyze the profile and recommend what "great" match to systematic development and increase performance.

Access People Insights anywhere, anytime!

Intact process more feedback than the number of bread Haldiram makes daily.

How Intact works?

All Self-Development data in one place


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Andrea DeBell | Author

I don’t know anything. I realize now that this is actually a very good thing. It would have saved me and others a lot of grief if I had learned this sooner in life. But in reality, there is always a perfect timing for us to learn each lesson.

Why Intact?

Taking feedback with people become easier and faster than ever before. Now Ongoing development at Your Fingertips, Share updates, join conversations, stay up to date follow leaders. Unlock true potential by real time insights including Structured Performance Check-Ins. Get praise for your good work, live Versatile. Try intact today to see personal and professional growth in, You!

Watch feedback is always there
It’s a seamless fit.

The all-in-one platform fits naturally into your oneself-development practices. It’s intuitive but robust enough to make a difference. And It improves itself with you, so it’s always a good fit.

It’s a personal coach.

Expert advice and in-tool coaching are baked into the platform, solving problems, providing resources and on-point answers when they need them.

It’s transformational.

The way we work is transforming the self-improvement industry. Our algorithms amplify and prioritize feedback in real-time, changing the way peoples act on feedback.

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