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How transparency changes the approach of our communication and why it is important



In Social media, transparency is the word for honesty. Gaining an online trust of the community is term as Transparency in Community. Being transparent means, you’re trusting your community enough to reveal certain bits of information. Honesty does mean answering questions and responding to negativity very honestly and positively. Intact is the best platform that is providing transparency in the community.


People make friends online, invest their time by chatting with them and involved emotionally with them. Here I’m going to share one story with you. A girl named Jina received a friend request on facebook from a boy Jim. She decides to accept it, they become friends, and Jim was from Nigeria. He told Jina that his father died a year ago and he is very depressed. Jim shows very caring behavior for her and talks with her every day. After a conversation for 3 to 4 years with Jim, Jina feels he is a sincere boy, and she can spend the rest of her life with him. Jim told her that he was coming to see her but had some trouble with his Visa issue, and he couldn’t get the fund to resolve his visa issue. Jina sends some money to him to cover the visa issue about $15000. It was a lot of money to carry, but she figured he was a good and honest and if things work out they would spend the rest of their lives together. Sadly, after that Jim’s facebook account was blocked. Even Jim didn’t contact her furthermore. This is the one story I told, but there are a lot of stories. People are scammed and frauded by many organizations, companies, and scammers. Intact decided to provide transparency in the community online and aimed to save people from such fraud and scammed things. Intact ensure transparency in the community by allowing them to connect on an equal level. Intact will keep your information secure allowing you a chance to communicate with users safely. 

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