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Your privacy is under threat, Privacy is the most important right but it is not safe as you think.


Privacy Issues

Every person has its own life with too many secrets and every person is living his life according to his own way. Sometime we may face severe privacy issues. There are too many problems, issues and hidden untold stories in everybody’s life. As a human being, we want to be loved by someone. We always look for someone who can care for us, love us deeply and never betray us.

Let me tell you a story of a girl who feels very lonely. She thought she must find a good friend for herself. She makes many friends but always insincere. At last one day, she finds a sincere friend online. She was very happy and excited because after a long time she finds a sincere friend. She felt very lucky and special because finally, she finds someone trustable. Her friend sends a link and asks her to fill a survey form for some study search purpose. She opens the link and it was asking for her id and password. She puts her id and password and fills the survey. Later she came to know that through survey link her id and password was copied and sent to some fake person automatically. That person logs in and stole her all pictures and start blackmailing her badly. She was really shocked that how her so-called sincere friend  attack on her privacy issue in this way.

She believes in the statement that a friend who truly loves her will never let her go, no matter how hard the situation is. But she was wrong and got depressed because her privacy was targeted.

There are so many severe cases of privacy issues in our society, especially with girls. It becomes very important to protect your privacy online.

In the Online community, scammers are targeting on our privacy issues in such a way we can't think of that ways, we are totally unaware. In the above real story, a girl can't think that the survey link can have such type of backend activity that is copying her personal data and sending to the scammer. Such cases lead to suicide, Especially girls destroy their lives, got depresses mentally when their privacy issues are targeted.

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