Every third suicide is linked to cyberbullying. Why is this a global concern and how do you protect your family


Cyberbullying is the big reason for depression. In our society, Cyberbullying is affecting the young generation very severely. Depression and suicide cases are the causes of Cyberbullying. As we know, everyone is active on social media. People are using social media for work, for study, and for fun too. Cyberbullying is affecting the young generation in a worse way. The innocent girls from the noble families are target badly.

A beautiful girl was targeted through Cyberbullying, and even she was unaware and innocent. She was attending a family marriage of her cousin. Her cousins ask her to dance with them on stage. She performs a short performance with her friend, and everyone admires her in the function for her performance. Before the dance, she has stopped the movie makers to make the movie of their family’s short dance performances. One day she was eating lunch with her family. Someone knocks at the door and place a parcel. Her father receives it and opens the package. There was a CD in the packet, and there was no name of sender mention on the box. Father asks her daughter to play the CD to check what’s in the CD and who can send the packet to their house. She plays it on the Computer, and there was a short abusing message on the screen. “I have viral the video on the social media so that people can know that how noble are you and your daughter o Father!”, And some more lines were written. Then, with 2-second pause, her video of dance was on the screen. Yes! Moviemaker records her performance without bringing it into her knowledge. Before the video ends, her father got a heart attack, and he was dead! She got depressed and was shocked. Moviemaker was demanding three lacs to remove her videos from the social media. She was unable to afford such massive money. She was suffering the cyberbullying in silence. She decides to end her life at the end.

So some too many girls are destroying their lives just because there are targeted through cyberbullying poorly. A lot of stories we are hearing and watching on the screen too, and there are too many hidden stories also that are not on display yet. Girls are ending their lives, and no one even knows about them. Why is Cyberbullying spreading in our society very fast and so severely? What’s The reason behind? Is there no one who is willing to stop it. Is there anyone who is ready to fight against cyberbullying?

Fake news is also becoming the biggest reasons for disturbing the peace in lives. False news and stories are shared over the social media by the unknown persons. For Example, I want to share something with you that will help you how fake news is becoming worst in ruining the lives. Due to a fight between two university’s girls on little matter leads to one girl’s being destroyed. Her family was informed over a call that he is in a relationship with a guy. This call was from the other girl. Just after the call, she was shot by her family member. She even doesn’t know that guy. She didn’t meet him in her life.

In the same way, fake news is shared over the internet about any person. The sad thing about all situation is that no one pretends to confirm the report. No one is ready to search for the correct case and reason for the matter. Our friends, the family are good with us when we are innocent to them. But when they hear something wrong about us, they behave differently. It does not matter to them that were we responsible for the matter they hear about us. The rate of disappointment is increasing day by day in people. These all thing are affecting the girls most. They are getting depressed, tensed and worried due to cyberbullying and fake news the situation becomes worse when they didn’t find anyone to share their status, to solve their problems, to secure them from all these situations to happen. Why are we so ignorant? Don’t we know that we must verify the fake news before we take any action against the phony story?

Therefore, Intact is providing such a fantastic platform to secure the lives. Intact decided to protect such kinds of issues. It is putting its efforts to minimize the suicide cases in the society

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