Bad people keep an eye on your photos and misuse it for your defamation.


Everyone of us loves to share the pictures, our crazy feelings, and emotions through social media platforms. But did you ever get a thought about privacy issues that matter so much for anyone?

There are many ways that some of our pics can go viral without our knowledge and sometimes it might be so wide that it covers everyone but we stand there hopeless as we can’t do anything thereafter the pic went viral. These circumstances are common in any other social media platforms but not for Intact. Here is Smriti’s experience which made her realize the importance of privacy issues on social media platforms.

Once Smriti has shared her party pics as she was very happy and wants to share it with everyone. So she decided to post it on her social media platform as it will reach her friends and relatives but she didn’t expect that her pictures will go wider than she expected. Later she was so sad that she couldn’t keep it safe within her boundaries. Here is where we find a difference on Intact.

Intact is a savior for you in all that issues and always gives priority for your privacy than anything over there.  It has the algorithms that could protect you from your pictures going viral. Here is where it differs, when you wish to upload a picture of yours on the platform, you can actually choose who can be able to view your pictures and who cannot. If a person is attempting to misuse a picture of any other one then we will able to detect the details and avoid the misuse of pictures.

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