BEWARE - Phishing helps hackers to hijack your social media accounts, says Google study [Updated 2019]

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There are times when we receive malicious links creating a sense of urgency. If you haven't received any let me say you how does it go. You will receive an email stating that you need to change your password through this link for security reasons or need to fill the details through the form which involves giving your credentials which are very private to you or to the organization you are working at. Through this, you are giving your credential details to the attacker. As we read the statements they provide with we will enter the details and it takes time for us to realize what actually it was after the situation has passed by. We can avoid these situations if there are precautions taken by both enterprises and users.

“A security researcher examining the website of North Korea’s official news service, the Korean Central News Agency, has discovered that the site delivers more than just the latest photo spread of Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea leader Kim Jong Un inspecting mushroom farms. There’s a little extra surprise hidden in the site’s code—malware. The news site appears to double as a way for North Korea to deliver a ‘watering hole’ attack against individuals who want to keep tabs on the ‘activities’ of the DPRK’s dear leader.” — Sean Gallagher, Ars Technica

Here at Intact, we have 2FA, where every user after logging in the site will find their photograph which means they are directed to the right place. This acts as an extra security layer. We also have security questions to be answered by the user after they log in to their accounts, which says that an attacker at any cost will not be given a chance to hack the account of users under this website. 

Stay Safe! Stay Tuned!

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