Cyber ​​criminals are everywhere and always keep preparing to harm your reputation. How to avoid them


Everyone of us pass through a situation to hear fake stories every day, but many of us might not be aware of its impact. Unfortunately, some of us might have undergone the pain of it. Here is one such story of a girl who lost a career opportunity because of it.

Riya is in 20's and has completed the graduation. Riya is extremely talented and the one who can drag everyone’s attention towards her work. The other girls who are Riya’s batchmates and are jealous of her has created a post on the social media platform about Riya. This post shows a phony character of Riya. Even when this news came in front of Riya’s eyes she was unable to do anything. When Riya was in search of placement and finally faced an interview, she was faced a question about that post and was unable to justify herself even though she was innocent. 

Here Intact comes into play, Intact has various algorithm implementation like the centralized post manager which enables intact to prevent unwanted duplication of post and makes easier to stop it from goes viral, Intact has content proficiency inspector which shows the amount of negativity or positivity in the post and alerts the team beforehand, Prioritize network scheduling, User Verification Identification System. It has all the resources to prevent the user from publishing the post without the knowledge of other users.

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