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Why Join Intact Social Network?

Intact breaks down all gender based barriers and allows users to connect on an equal level. We feel that quality and security take president above all. Which is why intact will keep your information secure . While allowing you a chance to safely connect with users.

Be inspired by friends and creative peoples

Meet up with other creative people and find friends who like the same hobbies as you and surround yourself with a positive and inspiring culture.


Discover pictures, videos, articles match your personal interest

Intact is your one stop page for all the latest videos, pictures and articles. Get amazing contents that grab your personal interest all in one place.

Collaborate with friends and people you like

Everyone would love to collaborate with friends and family online. Family sharing makes long distance relationships bearable. Use intact to love like and share.


Expert feedback to improve your art

Improving your art skills is more than working up to a specific ability. It requires building unique formulas. You can improve your art by having specific goals, constantly practicing your skills and engaging in a purposeful practice.

A trustworthy community to present your talent

We're vision driven, solution given with a secure, friendly and inspiring platform to present and groom your talent.

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